A Brand New Year

Like my blog, this website has been woefully neglected for the most part for the last few months. The good news is that instead of writing daily entries, I’ve been writing. No, not daily. But I’ve started work on my second manuscript, and placed a few poems from it already, which feels great.

And as always, a new year brings with it a review of the previous year and plans for the one ahead. I have nothing but gratitude when I reflect back on ’09–the year my first book, Cradle Song, was published, sold out its first print run, and went into its second printing. I traveled a great deal in support of the book, read at a lot of wonderful venues, and met amazing people, all of whom work tirelessy in support of the written word. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet them and read from the book and talk about it with people who constantly teach me.

Please check out the Readings page for upcoming dates, and as always, if you have a venue or a reading series or know of a good place to say poems out loud, please contact me.

And here’s hoping that you live and love well in 2010.

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