Getting off on the Good Foot

Welcome to the new website!  It’s been a long time in the making, and it’s finally here.  Many thanks to the lovely and talented Amber Smith of Lostlogo Design for working with me to make it exactly what I wanted.  (And for those of you who are wondering, the home page is a collage of images, but that church is from a picture I took in rural Alabama on my way down to the panhandle of Florida many years ago.)

The readings page is a little slim right now.  There are some readings in the works for the fall that will be added once they’re official, but not much of anything popping off in the springtime as of yet.  If you are interested in scheduling a reading, or if you are affiliated with a bookstore, university, or reading group, please drop me a line. 

Meanwhile, there are some links to readings and interviews on the links page.  Browse around.  And thanks for stopping by!

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